Ladies Room Parnas

Stay in women's apartment Parnas in Hostel Mitte Brno.

6 bedroom. No pets allowed.

Fountain PARNAS

According to antique poets, muses used to live on the mount Parnassus in Greece. And directly from this mountain, the Parnas fountain at the vegetable market in Brno obtained its name.

It is one of the most important historical baroque sights in Brno. It was built between the years 1690 and 1695, and designed by Vienna architect Jana Bernard Fischer from Erlach. Construction was led by Adam Tobiáš Kracker and Antonín Riga from Brno helped with the construction of statues. It was built on the site of the former renaissance fountain.

The ground plan of the Parnas fountain is a six-point star shape, into which water flows from three metal gargoyles in the shape of dolphins. Water was brought to the fountain through the oldest aquaduct in Brno from the Svratka River and since the Middle Ages, market stalls have been situated around the fountain.

In the middle of the fountain is a false cave – a grotto with the mythical hero Heracles, holding Cerberus, the three-headed dog on a chain – the guard of the underworld. Allegorical figures show three large old empires – Babylon, Persia and Greece.

At the top of the fountain, there is a statue of Europe, symbolizing the Holy Roman Empire.