Apartment Mendel

4 beds 2100,–/apartment (for 4 person), 3 beds 1850,–/apartment (for 3 person), 2 beds 1650,–/apartment (for 1–2 person)


Mendel Apartment is located in the city center and offers a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. The private bathroom comes with a washing machine, a shower and a hairdryer. The kitchenette includes dishes (plates, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, mugs), a hob, dishwasher, microwave and fridge. Accommodation is located on the 4th floor of a building without a lift. Apartment Mendel has a beautiful view from its balcony to the historical tower of the Old Town Hall and also to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. The Mendel Apartment features one double bed and one double sofa bed with double bed and queen size bedding.

Born in 1822 in Hynčice, Silesia, J. G. Mendel had since been reported to German nationality, yet he had spent all his time in Moravia. He studied at a grammar school and then at the Faculty of Philosophy in Olomouc. Due to financial problems, he moved to Augustinian Monastery of Saint Tomas in Old Brno in 1843. In 1851, J. Mendel, studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany and paleontology. He taught physics and natural science subjects in Brno (at the first German school at Janska Street). In 1856, he began his reasearch into inheritance, using pea cross-breeding and watching the new plants/crops – offspring grow. Thanks to these experiments, he subsequently formulated three rules that later became the foundation of his inheritance laws. He distinguished the dominant and recessive features of the pea offsprings as part of the investigation of the genetic traits of pea. This explains that each plant contains certain pairs of genes. These genes are described by their own sign which the plant has acquired from its parents. In 1884, he died in a monastery and was buried at the Central Cemetery in Brno in the Tomb of Augustinians. The requiem in the church was later conducted by the world-famous composer Leos Janacek.