Apartment Mach



Mach Apartment is located in the city center and offers a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. The private bathroom comes with a washing machine, a shower and a hairdryer. The kitchenette includes dishes (plates, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, mugs), a hob, dishwasher, microwave and fridge. Accommodation is located on the 4th floor of a building without a lift. Apartment Mach enjoys beautiful views of the Old Town Hall's historic tower and Sv. Peter and Paul. Apartment Mach offers one double bed.

He studied at a grammar school in Kroměříž and then moved to Austria. He studied physics and mathematics in Vienna. Right after finishing his studies he became a professor in Graz and later a professor of physics at the German University in Prague. Since 1895 he had been a member of the Vienna Academy of Sciences. Ernst Mach was a philosopher who founded the movement – machismus (empiriocritism). His thoughts were based on subjective experience which takes place around us – situations and the phenomena are total reckonings. He disputed the Newton's theory. In his life, he also focused on the optics and mechanics – he monitored and explained the projectile flight/movement. At the same time he dealt with aerodynamics – the Mach number – which indicates the speed of the body versus the rate of sound spreading in certain environment/under certain conditions. In practice, for example, the determination of aircraft speed is used. His ideas and theories were later used by Einstein – for example – Mach's principle, which became part of the Theory of Relativity.