Apartment Kaplan

4 beds 2100,–/apartment (for 4 person), 3 beds 1850,–/apartment (for 3 person), 2 beds 1650,–/apartment (for 1–2 person)


Apartment Kaplan located in the city center. Apartment offers a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. The private bathroom comes with a washing machine, a shower and a hairdryer. The kitchenette includes dishes (plates, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, mugs), a hob, dishwasher, microwave and fridge. The accommodation is located on the 3rd floor of a building without an elevator. Kaplan Apartment offers one double bed and one double sofa bed with double bed and queen size bedding.

Kaplan was born in Austria-Hungary in 1876. He graduated from Vienna University, then he worked in a military port in Pula and later on went to German Technical College in Brno. At the college he worked as a designer at the Institute of Machine Tools, Cinematic and Mechanical Engineering. In 1918, he was appointed a professor. Subsequently, in 1926, he received an honorary doctorate at the Technical University in Prague and in 1934 at the Technical University in Brno. In 1912, he invented a water turbine with adjustable impeller blades. He had a laboratory in which he carried out his experiments. There he created the turbine with the impeller which resembles/d a nail screw with a rotating blade. This turbine was patented in 1920 and was named the Kaplan Turbine – By rotating the impeller blades according to the varying water flow, the turbulent flow angle of the water is optimally adjusted to maintain a high turbine efficiency even at a much lower flow rate. In his life, he collected 176 patents. He had the opportunity to obtain the second doctorate, but he did not, and in 1934 he died of stroke in his summer residence in Austria.