Apartment Haas

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2 bedroom 1650,–/apartment. Pets allowed. Double bed.

A man with an eventful fate, who was loved by women

Hugo Haas was born in February 19, 1901 into the family of a Jewish shoemaker. He studied singing at the Conservatory in Brno and vocal studies with Leoš Janáček. After finishing school, he worked in theaters in Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and finally at Prague's National Theatre, where he worked until 1939.

But he became a definite star acting in his own comedies. In the 1930s, he was at the top and his female movie co-stars like Adina Mandlová, Andula Sedláčková, Jiřina Šejbalová, Olga Scheinpflugová, and Ljuba Hermanová could not resist him and became his partners in private life for a short-time as well.

Finally he decided to marry the young baroness Maria Bibikoff in 1938, among whose ancestors were Romanovs. They had a son, Ivan.

Shortly after the occupation, Haas was dismissed from the National Theater for racial reasons, so they had to make a complicated move to America. They left their 5-week old son in Czechoslovakia and met him only after the war. He became successful even in Hollywood –  he owned a production company, wrote screenplays, worked as a director and even acted in his own movies. He never came back to his beloved Prague. After a short-term stay in Italy he settled down in Vienna, where he died on December 1, 1968 . An asthmatic, he died of smoke inhalation while frying eggs.

He is buried in Brno in a Jewish cemetery.