Apartment Fuchs

Double bed and bunk bed.

4 beds 2100,–/apartment (for 4 person), 3 beds 1850,–/apartment (for 3 person), 2 beds 1650,–/apartment (for 1–2 person)

Master of de space

He was one of the most popular Czech architects of the 20th century, recognized mostly in foreign countries due to his works and theories of functionalism.

He was born in March 24, 1895 in Všechovice, close to major factories for the famous Thonet chairs. He was apprenticed as a mason, later becoming an architect, urbanist, theoretician, designer and a teacher. He started his career with studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Jan Kotěra, in whose studio he later worked.

In 1922, he moved to Brno, where he participated as an employee of the Municipal Construction Bureau, working on the construction of the AVION hotel, Zemanova kavárna (Café Zeman), Masná burza (Meat Exchange House), pavilions at the Brno Exhibition Ground, Nádražná pošta (Station post office), Moravská banka (Moravian Bank), etc.

As a professor, he taught new architects at the renowned Baťa High School of Decorative Arts in Zlín and later at the Brno University of Technology. His 150 completed buildings can be found across the whole of Bohemia, Moravia and in Slovakia.

Architectural design of villas – Villas of Šindler, Lowit, Fuchs (his own), the Opavský family, Tesař – are the best examples of functionalism in our country.

Bohuslav Fuchs died in September 18, 1972 due to injuries from a car accident. His funeral was performed in a building, that he designed – a funeral chapel in the Central Cemetery in Brno.