The historic hostel in the city center

The Mitte Hostel (meaning „middle“ in German) is located in a historical house built in the centre of Brno at 11 Panská Street in one of very few buildings that were not affected by the wide urban renewal at the end of 19th century in which the centre was rebuilt and most of the houses were demolished.

It stands on renaissance foundations of the original patrician house from 1588; main mass of the building comes from baroque alteration in 1659. Today's ap­pearance is the result of restoration and refurbishment in 2011. In Brno, the former provincial mid-European town belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the influences of Czech, German and Jewish communities blended for centuries. That was abated by the World War II and Brno is now a Czech town, second largest by its size (400 000 inha­bitants).

When walking from us you can reach a shop in one minute, a cinema in two minutes, a pub in three minutes, the main square in four minutes, the railway station in five minutes or a park in six minutes.

We have nine rooms named after people and events that left an unforgettable literary, artistic, scientific or political legacy in our region: Austerlitz, Mucha, Tugendhat, Janáček, Gödel, Kundera, Parnas, Haas, Fuchs.. You can choose from a single to six-bed room on second to fifth floor. You can sit and refresh at five tables in our little café while watching the buzz in Brno centre through the window. In common room with equipped kitchen you can plan visits to interesting places in Brno and its surrounding.

When you get tired you have a place to settle to sleep. Reception desk is open every day from 8.00 am till 10.00 pm, the café opens mon-sat from 8.00 am till 9.00 pm and sun from 9.00 am till 8.00 pm. . Checking out is set to 11 o'clock when noon is still rung in Brno churches. It is so to remind of a legend that the town fought off by ruse when under siege of Swedish army in 1645. Swedish general Thorstenson then declared that if the town was not captured by high noon, he would decamp. The news, however, did not remain secret to the exhausted town defenders for whom for each hour played role…